Around the end of 2014 I had an auto accident. I have been introduced to Jake through a word of mouth after having couple consult with famous lawyer that you hear their advertising in the radio. Jake felt real, and I felt comfortable with him so I decided to hire him as my lawyer.

Yehia E.

I was more than pleased with the way they handled my case. They kept me up to date throughout the entire process. Very friendly and very professional. I will definitely use them again if I need to.

Dudley V.

If you are in need of legal help do not look any further ! Galperin and Associates is everything you would look for in a legal team. They are very professional, kind and show empathy towards their clientele. They are always looking for your best interests when it comes to dealing with all sorts of difficult situations in order to have the best possible outcome for their client and that’s something I can’t appreciate enough as many legal teams can be indifferent to your situation. Specifically what ever you are going through both financially, emotionally and physically, Galperin and Associates will be there for you every step of the way. I’m so thankful for this legal team and that’s just saying the least. I hope I never have to be in a situation where I need help like this again however, if I did I know exactly who to turn to ! And to whoever needs legal help, Galperin and Associates would be my first and only recommendation to anyone.

Roya N.

True Professionalism at its finest. I recommend Galperin & Associates to anyone. Jake and Aaron work diligently on your side making sure you’re well taken care of as they commence to battle on your behalf. You can expect nothing less than A+ results from this team of professionals. Very warm and genuine people. Outstanding quality

Joseph B.

I had an amazing experience with Galperin & Associates. Back in November 2018, I had a pretty bad accident, the first one in my life. My friends recommended to reach out to Galperin & Associates. The first thing I heard from my attorney Jake – we want to make sure you will get the treatment you need, your health is our priority. I had constant updates regarding my case status, everyone I talked to were very professional and treated me with the respect. I definitely recommend this place!

Eleonora A.

Jake and his partners treated me like family and always concern in my well being. He looked at my case and made sure I was yahweh care of. I recommend Jake to all my friends and family and anyone else that if you are ever in an accident you are not alone and Jake and his team will always do your best to make sure you get ther most for your suffering.

Baldomero L.

Jake has an awesome team. I personally worked with Aaron, who was incredible and that is still an understatement. From the moment I walked in their doors they were eager to help me. Their main focus was making sure I had Every. Single. Resource. to make a full recovery. They focused on all aspect of recovery not just pain management. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and the stress was minimal and that’s all thanks to the hard work Jake and his team do to put the client first. Thank you!

David W.

From my first step in this office it felt like I’m in the right place. Professional environment and very professional and caring people. Made the whole process seamless. Thank you for taking care of my needs and providing with professional help in timely manner and matter!!! Special thanks to Jake and Emily!

Emil A.

I highly recommend Galperin & Associates! After my wreck last year, I was referred to Jake’s office. I was seen same day. After a year of amazing work from Emily and the paralegal team, my settlement came in.

Fernando R.

Great lawyer! Very nice and professional. Worked hard for me and made my life easier after a wreck left me injured and needing surgery. I highly recommend Jake Galperin!

Ruby R.

Highly recommend Galperin & Associates. I was impressed with the treatment I received from staff at Galperin & Associates. Awesome Team.
I’d like to personally thank Jake for handling my auto accident from beginning to completion. Hi is talented, very intelligent and well educated in law. I was referred to Jake firm by a friend of mine. He told me, Jake is the best attorney in Denver. And “Yes” no doubt it is. Emily at Jakes firm assisted with my case. She was very responsive to my calls. I really appreciated. I got fast and even more then sufficient results with Galperin & Associates. Thanks a lot for your help

Sergey T.

Special thanks to the Jacob Galperin and associaties for Very truly help on my case !!!!!The best recommendation ever!!Very truly. And properly service !!Thanks Eugene Lomakin

Eugene L.

Off the bat Jake and there entire team were extremely professional. They were upfront about the entire process and not once put my injuries aside. I feel like had i not decided to hire an attorney there would have been more headache and less positive treatment. Let this firm step up to the plate for you.

Bruce C.

I am amazed on how prompt and professional they were, very detailed. They were focused on getting me treatment immediately. I recieved more on my settlement than what I expected. I highly recommend Galperin & Associates!

Julia G.

My first and hopefully last accident, but I have to say this company working with me really well, they actually do care about small cases not only big one like most companies! Highly recommend it!! Thanks Galperin & Associates!

Richard J.

Great service. I Really appreciate all the help they provided and they were always in touch with me regarding everything.

Gabriela R.

Very helpful staff Emily and Michelle and Jake did great on my case definitely recommend them if ever involved in an accident

Levi M.