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With 632 pedestrian deaths in 2018, pedestrian accidents have increased significantly year over year in Colorado. When a pedestrian is struck by a car, truck, or even a bicycle, the consequences can be devastating, often resulting in serious injuries or death. The Denver pedestrian accident attorney team at Galperin & Associates are knowledgeable in the laws and regulations applying to pedestrian accidents and experienced in representing injured pedestrians and their families. If you or a loved one was injured or killed while traveling on foot in Colorado, call us. 720-501-3451

Pedestrian accidents in Denver are common because pedestrians share space with motor vehicles in many settings.  Many accidents happen because pedestrians typically more vulnerable than people assume while walking on sidewalks or while crossing crosswalks. In fact, pedestrian deaths are up 75% in Colorado and 35% nationally, often due to distracted drivers.

Streets are primarily designed for use by cars and trucks and in some instances have layouts that are very unsafe for pedestrians. These factors, combined with the many drivers who are speeding, texting, or otherwise distracted, creates an extremely hazardous environment for pedestrians.

National Pedestrian Fatality Statistics

  • 41,259 people were killed in an accident involving a motor vehicle. Out of this number, 4, 699 were walkers.
  • 42,836 people were in crash-related deaths back in 2004. Out of this number, 4,675 people in the United States were pedestrians. This made up eleven percent of the total people killed in crashes that year.
  • 32,719 people were killed in the year 2013 by motor vehicle accidents.
  • 4,735 of the people involved in motor vehicle crashes were pedestrians killed. This number accounted for fourteen percent of all deaths involving accidents that year.
  • Men were killed more than two-thirds of the time as pedestrians over women in 2013.
  • Fatalities where alcohol was a factor occurred in forty-nine percent of the cases in 2013.
  • Pedestrians met an average age of 46 years old, as those killed by drivers of motor vehicles.
  • People killed in car accidents in 2013 had an average age of 36.
  • Twenty percent of the pedestrians killed in 2013 were children under the age of fifteen.
  • Children ten to fourteen years old accounted for nine percent of the pedestrian related injuries.
  • Children accounted for five percent of the total people killed in pedestrian related accidents in 2014.
  • Pedestrians sixty-five years and older were about ten percent of the people injured.

Colorado residents tend to enjoy and spend substantial time outdoors, riding bicycles or walking from place to place. The City of Denver even provides a bicycle sharing program called Denver B-cycle, allowing its citizens to share bicycles to get around town. Colorado laws have been written to give as much protection as possible to the numerous pedestrians and cyclists using the streets of Colorado.

Don’t forget that the insurance companies have lawyers working on their side.  You are going to need a pedestrian accident lawyer that knows what they’re doing to fight for you. Let our Denver pedestrian accident attorney team at Galperin & Associates fight to get you what you deserve!  We’re available 24/7 to help you get the justice you deserve.  Call us today at 720-501-3451 or visit our office in Cherry Creek.

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