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If you get in a bike accident, here are some steps you should take after a collision with a car …

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Bike accidents happen even if you’re following all of the rules of the road. Across Colorado – and especially in urban areas like Denver – a majority of the wheels on the road belong to cars, not bicycles. This means Drivers are used to being #1 on the road. Drivers and pedestrians alike aren’t necessarily always looking out for bicyclists.

Getting into an accident with a car can leave you shaken and confused, but it’s important to remain level headed. The steps taken immediately afterwards are crucial in determining your recovery from the accident. Here are the steps you should take after a bike accident:

Get off of the road.

If the accident happened in a busy area of the street, you’ll want to move out of the way as quickly as possible. Check for any immediate injuries and – if possible – move your bike and yourself out of the way of traffic. This will prevent more damage from happening.

Exchange contact information.

You’ll need to get the contact information from the driver and any potential witnesses. If you’re injured and cannot do this for yourself, ask a bystander to do it for you. Even if you believe no injuries or damage has occurred, getting insurance and contact information from the driver involved in the accident may be crucial down the line.

Document the scene.

You’ll want to capture images of the driver’s license plate number. Be sure to document your bike and any injuries you may have sustained as well. You may also want to jot down a quick account of what happened – in a note or on your phone – for your own records.

Don’t negotiate with the driver.

Many drivers will be immediately apologetic after a collision with a cyclist. While they may apologize and accept blame, many have second thoughts days afterwards. Deniability and fault should be determined by professionals.

Call the police.

Even if you don’t think you’re injured, you’ll want to call 911 and wait for an office to arrive. Police should interview you, the driver, and any potential witnesses. If they don’t record your version of the story, you can file an amended report later. Police may also ticket the driver, which is useful for settling the case with the insurance company.

Don’t repair your bike.

Any damage done to your bike can be used as evidence in a case. Don’t throw away any damaged equipment or clothing until the accident has been resolved.

Consider consulting a personal injury lawyer.

Our attorneys at Galperin & Associates specialize in several areas – including bike accidents. In you were injured in a collision, it can be beneficial to consult a personal injury lawyer. A letter from an attorney can resolve issues and avoid legal pitfalls without ever going to trial.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bike accident, contact us today. We can help you understand your rights in this situation and make sure you are compensated for damages.

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