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The moments following a trucking accident can leave you feeling stunned. Since these types of accidents can be complex and involve many parties, it’s important to know what to do next.

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Here are some tips for what to do after a trucking accident, especially ones that occur in Colorado:

Stop and report the crash. 

Make sure you are safe and – if possible – remove your car from the road. Make sure other drivers can see your car by turning on your hazard lights and putting cones around your vehicle. This will help prevent another accident.

If someone is seriously injured or if there is a fatality, call 911 immediately. Otherwise, call the local police or state highway patrol. When the office arrives at the scene, they will assess the situation and fill out an accident report. Keep a copy of this accident report for your records and use it as evidence if you need to go to court. 

Check for injuries.

Whether you think you are injured or not, it is important to get checked out by a medical professional. If you do not seek medical treatment or follow through with treatment recommendations, it could interfere with your ability to seek compensation for injuries later.

Exchange information with the other party.

Make every effort to collect the names of as many people at the scene as possible. Make sure to document the driver’s name and contact information, as well as their insurance information. You’ll also want to collect the name and contact information for the truck driver’s employer. Most trucking companies will hire at least one investigator to review the scene of an accident. Make sure to get this person’s name in addition to that of the claims adjuster from the insurance carrier. This individual will likely be your lawyer’s contact for obtaining information like the driver’s logs.

Document the scene.

Take as many photos of the accident as possible with your phone or camera. You’ll want to take photos of any injuries, the damage to the vehicle, and any other necessary information. These photos will help prove to the claims adjuster what actually happened and serve as evidence in court to determine who’s at fault.

Contact your insurance agency.

Most likely after the accident, you will be contacted by an insurance adjuster. It’s best to speak with an attorney before talking to an insurance adjuster. Your attorney can advise you on what to say and what not to say. If the adjuster asks for a recorded or written statement, decline until you have spoken with your attorney. You are required to cooperate with the insurance company, but you are not required to give a statement.

The attorneys at Galperin & Associates know that all accidents are different and are here to help you maximize your right to recovery. If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, it is important to seek representation. Contact us today at 720-501-3451 to speak to an attorney.

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