• August 29, 2019
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         Over the last several years, Johnson & Johnson has faced increasing scrutiny regarding its talcum powder. Thousands of lawsuits citing several studies have alleged that Johnson & Johnson knew but failed to warn consumers that extended use of its talc-based products had the potential to cause ovarian cancer.

            Most of the lawsuits have been filed by women who developed ovarian cancer after consistent and extended use of either Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder or Shower to Shower Body. While other talc-based product brands have also become subject to lawsuits, Johnson & Johnson is by far the most popular brand of products like baby shower and has therefore received the most scrutiny and lawsuits.

            Studies as far back as the 1970s have expressed concern over the correlation between talc powder and cancer. Although no studies have scientifically proven that talc powder causes cancer, there is an almost undeniably an association between the two. The lawsuits filed have focused on this link, claiming that Johnson & Johnson had a duty to at least warn consumers of the potential association and is therefore liable.

            At least some courts agree with plaintiffs, and in 2018 a court in Missouri awarded a total of over $4 billion in punitive damages to 22 plaintiffs. The court awarded an additional $550 million in compensatory damages to cover medical and other costs.

            Johnson & Johnson expressed disappointment in the verdict and continues to deny any liability. They have appealed the case and continue to dispute over 10,000 additional lawsuits, Johnson & Johnson has not settled any cases. Since the 2018 Missouri case, a jury in Kentucky has agreed with Johnson & Johnson, refusing to award damages to plaintiffs in that case.

            There are still over 10,000 cases open against Johnson & Johnson for the potential dangers of its talc-based products. If you or a loved one has used one of the relevant products consistently over the course of several years or more and developed cancer after that use, you may be entitled to compensation for the medical and emotional damages incurred. It is important to talk to an experienced lawyer to learn more about your options and the money you are entitled to.

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