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If you’re involved in a traffic accident in Colorado, it’s important to report it to the police. There are several ways to file a report, whether online, by mail, or directly by phone. Denver’s experienced car accident lawyers stress the importance of a police report as a critical element in securing the compensation you deserve after an accident. Here’s your guide to effectively navigating the Denver car accident reporting process.

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How to Report a Car Accident in Denver

There are several ways to report an accident in Denver:

  1. Emergency Call: Dial 911 directly if the accident involves injury or threat of injury to ensure immediate response and investigation by law enforcement.
  2. Non-Emergency Line: For less urgent incidents, call the Denver Police Department’s non-emergency number at (720) 913-2000 to report your accident.
  3. Police on Scene: When police officers arrive at the scene, your reporting obligation is fulfilled. They may come upon the accident or be alerted by others.
  4. Online Reporting: For minor incidents with no injuries or suspected impaired driving, use the Denver Police Department’s online platform to submit your report.
  5. Mail Reporting: Alternatively, fill out a report form and mail it in if online reporting is not possible. This method is equivalent to online reporting in fulfilling your legal obligations.

These methods ensure that all necessary details of the incident are documented as required by law.

Understanding Unofficial Accident Reports in Denver

When you report an accident online or by mail in Denver, an unofficial report is created. You are self-reporting the details and giving your perspective of the incident. Although unofficial, these reports are important for documenting the facts.

However, in the case of serious accidents, it’s advisable to have the police make an official report. Official reports carry more weight with insurance companies because they are thoroughly investigated by trained professionals. While you cannot guarantee a police response, a report gives the police the opportunity to assess the scene and possibly prepare an official report, which adds credibility to your claims.

Mandatory Accident Reporting in Colorado

In Colorado, the law requires that all traffic accidents be reported immediately. According to Colorado statute 42-4-1606, failure to report an accident can result in a misdemeanor charge. It’s important to note that while police may not respond to every accident scene, it is the responsibility of each driver involved to ensure the incident is reported. This legal requirement helps maintain accurate records and ensures that all parties involved are held accountable.

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Online Car Accident Reporting in Colorado

In Colorado, you can report a car accident online under certain conditions. This option is available if

  • There were no injuries requiring medical attention.
  • The incident was not a hit-and-run.
  • There was no damage to public property.
  • There is no suspicion of impaired driving.

In the case of weather-related accident alerts, the police may not attend the scene and you are encouraged to use the online reporting system. This method facilitates the documentation process when an immediate police response isn’t possible.

Why It’s Crucial to Report Every Car Accident

Reporting a car accident is essential for creating a clear record of the incident. It documents the exact time, location and details of the event, providing the basis for any necessary legal or insurance action. Even if the police do not investigate, a formal report can help substantiate your claims and facilitate the process of obtaining compensation. This documentation is invaluable in the event of a dispute and is crucial for your solicitor to build a strong case for any insurance claims. 

Filing a Police Report for Minor Collisions

Whether or not you have to file a police report for a fender bender in Colorado depends on the specific laws of your state. In most cases, all traffic incidents, even minor ones, must be reported. Even seemingly minor accidents can result in unexpected injuries or significant damage. Reporting these incidents ensures that all necessary legal obligations are met, regardless of whether the police are physically present at the scene. Timely reporting also facilitates insurance claims and legal proceedings, so it is advisable to report even minor collisions.

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How Denver Car Accident Attorneys Can Assist You

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Denver, our team at Galperin & Associates can guide you through the process of using your police report to seek compensation. Our experienced attorneys know how to effectively use such reports to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. By acting quickly to document the incident and assess damages, our legal team will prepare a strong case to advocate for your rights. Contact Galperin & Associates today for a confidential consultation and see how our dedicated legal professionals can help you navigate your car accident claim.

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