• February 10, 2020
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Denver’s number of traffic-related deaths jumped in 2019. With more e-scooters on the roads, what is Denver doing to change this?

Anyone living in Denver knows that the streets were made for cars. This makes them more dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, or people on e-scooters. In 2019 alone, Denver saw 3 bicyclist deaths and 20 pedestrian deaths. While cars still dominate the transportation scene, they have had to make room for the introduction of rent-able electric scooters (e-scooters). In light of the tragic death of Cameron Hagan – the first reported death in Denver due to an e-scooter accident – the Mile High City has had to take a closer look at how to better protect people who aren’t behind the wheel.

In 2016, Denver launched the program Vision Zero with the goal of ending all traffic-related deaths in the city by 2030. This campaign has taken on several projects to improve the safety and quality of highly trafficked streets and bike lanes – one of the bigger ones being the major reconstruction project along Federal Boulevard from West Seventh Avenue to West Holden Place. By tackling the tasks of adding protected bike lanes and reduced speed limits in various spots around the city, Vision Zero has implemented measures that protect Denver e-scooter riders as well as pedestrians and cyclists.

Source: Denver Public Works

In a news conference in December 2019, Mayor Hancock stated “We can tell you that 2019 was not a good year for [traffic safety], but we are not going to stop … We are committed to Vision Zero, and we’re committed to continuing to make improvements to boost safety. But we cannot do this from a government point of view and be successful.” Hancock went on to state that drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists all have a role to play in keeping people safe.

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